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La Désirade, the movie


" La Désirade, more than just a hotel, a journey in the heart of Belle-Ile "




Since our arrival in Belle-Ile in 2005, we were searching for the best way to describe La Désirade : its localisation in the heart of Belle-Ile, its unique frame, its services and its atmosphere.

Leaflet, website, Facebook, photo report and many others are used so as to introduce the most accurately as possible our Home.

The idea of a video was tempting us since a long time but we were not convinced by the ones we had seen so far. Until we were able to feel again the shivers of Belle-Ile's Trail thanks to Stéphane MAUGER's video, a local professional. We decided to meet him, and, his ability to understand our needs and wishes seduced us. While he was listening to us a complicity appeared, and with it the scenario, the cast and the preparation of the filming.

The filming was truly a moment happiness during which guests, friends and family became actors and gave their best ...

We could have made another video with all the bloopers and giggles. We prefer to share with you the preview of "2015's masterpiece" : " La Désirade, more than just a hotel, a journey in the heart of Belle-Ile ".

We hope you will enjoy it, that you will want to share it with your friends and family and that it will enable you to evoke beautiful memories.

Thanks again to Stéphane MAUGER and all the actors of this gold nugget of La Désirade.

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