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Belle-Ile's map

To help you discover Belle-Ile en Mer, Click here for the web page "Discover" of Belle Ile's Tourist Office where you will be able to download all useful documents for your stay at the hotel and on the island, and especially the island's map which is very complete showing you all roads, paths and coastal trails. 


Belle Ile is the biggest Breton island, it is about 17 kms long and 9 kms wide, the highest point is at 70 meters, and the superficy is around 85 km². 


In the North of Belle Ile, on the most sheltered coast, face to the continent, you will find the two main harbours : Le Palais and Sauzon, as well as the biggest beach of the island named "Les Grands Sables".


The South Coast, which is also well-protected, contains many beaches with warmer coastal waters and seas : Port Goulphar, Port Kérel, Dotchot, Herlin... whereas the North Coast owns the biggest beaches (Bordadoué, Les Grands Sables). The West Coast of the island offers the extraordinary "Plage de Donnant", and on the East side, we can find the beaches Port Maria, Port Blanc and Port Andro.



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